Wonder Workshop

At the workshop, we collaborated to change the education space–with fun robots! The product required us to explore creative solutions. Here is a small sample of wonderful things I had the opportunity to work on.

Customized Experience

Cue was designed to be more than a robot. It’s a buddy.

Illustrative art by Tim Rearden and Dag Haile

If they chose Smirk, they’d get a sharp, over-confident robot with a clever gaze. Or perhaps they would select Pep, a young and thoughtful avatar made to be a leader.

A snippet of the style guide

Whoever they chose, the avatar’s personality would shine through the interface in various parts of the app.

  • Color palette definition to accomodate app & avatar spectrum
  • Font selection and usage rules
  • Style Guide Composition

Powerful Control

Illustrative art by Tim Rearden and Dag Haile

Kids spent most of their time in this section of the Cue app. This is version two of the controller, redesigned from the ground up! Many rounds of test-driven iterations resulted in a complex feature that kids loved to explore.

The new design resulted in higher feature engagement. Kids loved the new ways they could control their robot. Despite adding four new features, they had no trouble navigating through the experience.

  • Advocated for and implemented two new features
  • Designed four new features while refining existing ones
  • Redesigned the experience to allow for expandability
  • Implemented design in Unity to accommodate various devices
  • Tested & iterated with kids every week

Stupid Fast Prototyping

I had the pleasure of designing, prototyping, and developing a new state machine. Three of us crafted the feature in just three months! Frequent user tests and iterative design allowed us to create this powerful programming paradigm in no time.

  • Feature specification
  • Wireframes to final product execution
  • Video concepts and functional prototyping
  • Product-level exploration and integration
  • Extensive user testing

Curated Screenshots

Screenshots for the App Store are rarely just screenshots. The best ones are curated to highlight the most compelling features of the app in as few words as possible.

Promo Spot

Voiced by Victoria Davila.

I stepped out of my product design hat for a few days to produce this promo video. Between writing the script and fooling around with animated effects, I had a chance to exercise the musical side of my brain! Behold, the background music:

My Experience

Wonder Workshop gave me many opportunities and challenges to tackle. It was fun getting a chance to work on various features and products. My responsibilities and impact included the following:

  • Design for various products (UI, UX, IxD, User Research, User Testing)
  • Aid with style guide definition
  • Promoted free avatars
    • Greatly decreased negative reviews
    • Increased NPS
  • Redesigned controller
    • Over 50% more control for kids
    • Increased engagement by about 10%
  • Wonder state machine
    • Designed from the ground up
    • Promoted more example content
    • Wonder content engagement increased through the roof
  • Technical execution of designs in unity
  • Prototyping (Unity & web)
  • Product & user review research for Cue
  • Agile team lead (+ lead for winning hackathon team!)
  • and more!

The Software

Wearing many hats means jumping around a large collection of software. At Wonder Workshop, I used Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Experience Design, Figma, Sketch, Unity, Atom, Jira, Confluence, Slack, G-Suite, Garage Band, and more!

Visual Credit

Illustrative Art: Tim Rearden & Dag Haile
Fellow UI/UX Buddy: Chris West