Wishing Vine – Meteor Developer Wanted!


Hello, and thanks for your interest! I’m looking for a software developer who can help on my latest app, Wishing Vine. In short, it is an app that lets teens make wish lists–gifts they want for the holiday season. Click here for the app overview.

We have a beta version of the app in the App Store and Google Play Market. Please search and download “Wishing Vine” to see where we are currently at.

There is currently one developer working on the app. We want to be feature-complete, if possible, by November 10 (coming up!). In order to move development forward, I am hiring an additional developer to tackle two tasks.

Raffle System


Every day, a user can come to the app to see if they won a free Amazon Gift Card.

  1. User sees Today’s TOP Prize. (If today we are giving away one $25 and four $5 gift cards, it will show the $25 one). He taps Check to see if I won!
  2. User is on the Daily Raffle screen. He gets presented with the same info. He taps Did I win? Tap now!
  3. If user was not selected to win the raffle, he sees the “No luck today” screen.
  4. If users is a winner, he sees the Amazon code.
  5. User may earn more raffle tickets by
    1. Connecting to FB (5 tickets)
    2. Building a wish list of 10 or more items (10 tickets)
    3. Getting 10 friends/family to see their wish list on the web (100 tickets)
    4. Add a gift from your friend’s wish list to your Nice List! (25 tickets)

Here is how the raffle system works:


If a prize is not claimed, it is taken back and added to the following day’s prize database. Each user can only win one prize per day. If there are more prizes than eligible users, then the extra prizes are saved for the following day.

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is for myself. I need to be able to log in and add/delete prizes. Also, this admin panel doesn’t need to look good at all. Little to no time should be spent making this look good. As long as it is usable, that is fine.

  • Admin login/logout
  • Prizes Database
    • Display a list of X upcoming days (10, 35, 70, 100)
      • Date
      • Prize
        • Name of prize (example: $5 Amazon.com Gift Card!)
        • $X worth (example: $5)
        • Gift card code (example: APUM-W3X8GL-E5CD)
        • Button – Edit prize
        • Button – Delete prize
      • Add Prize
    • Display list of X past days (10, 35, 70, 100)
      • Date
      • Prize
        • Name of prize
        • $X worth
        • Gift card code
        • Assigned to [user]
        • Claimed by [user]
        • Button – Edit prize
        • Button – Delete prize

Additional Info

Since we are planning to release the app soon, this feature needs to be built quick! Let me know if you have any questions. Please be ready to let me know how fast you think you can complete these features (coding & testing & bug fixing).